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2021 in Review: Good Economic News for Union County

Daniel Prince

Tiger Industries locates in Union; "Project Vidar" may be next

In good economic news in the final quarter of the year, Governor Henry McMaster and the South Carolina Department of Commerce announced in late October that Tiger Companies will be establishing operations in Union County. The company is described as a value-added national distributor serving the construction, surveying, home, office, and medical products market. The company announced a $10.8 million investment and the creation of 61 new jobs.

The company, which is based in New Jersey, has established operations at the old ESAB building at Midway Green, located at 256 Midway Drive in Union. The more than 255,000-square-foot facility will provide access to over $10 million in inventory and more than 14,000 SKUs, which are stock-keeping units. The location will also include some light manufacturing with a state-of-the-art showroom, featuring cutting-edge surveying equipment and accessories under the AdirPro brand, along with a repair and rental center. The new facility is fully operational.

Then, in Union County Council’s December meeting, council passed first reading of a fee agreement and a joint county industrial and business park agreement for what is called Project Vidar.

The new business park would be developed in conjunction with Spartanburg County but would be located in Union County. A written park agreement with Spartanburg County would be part of it, where Spartanburg would receive a percentage of the fee and would help share some of the costs of the park. In his report, Supervisor Frank Hart stated that if this project comes through, it may well be the largest new project we’ve had in the county. Dolton Williams said it would certainly be the largest in the last 12 years. Hart said the potential was for hundreds of jobs to be created and over $100 million in new investment. The identity of the company involved in the project will be kept secret until sometime after the third readings of the ordinances.

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