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2021 in Review: Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Union Boulevard

Union County News
Officers stand by with the plane waiting for it to be towed to the airport

Daniel Prince

Plane began losing altitude near River Road, lands six minutes later

In mid-August, a small plane made an emergency landing on Union Boulevard. A woman flying from Myrtle Beach to Knoxville took an unexpected detour into Union when her 1977 Beechcraft A36 single-engine plane ran into trouble. Union County Airport Manager Ronnie Wade praised the pilot for her quick thinking and skill in putting the plane down safely. According to the website, the plane was about 5800 feet in the air just east of River Road when it began to lose altitude. Within two minutes, the plane had lost around 2300 feet in altitude, and the pilot began to turn the plane to head to the airport for an emergency landing. Six minutes after the engine trouble began, she landed the plane safely on Union Boulevard, where it was towed back to the airport for repairs.

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