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Break-in Reported With Thousands of Dollars of Items Stolen

Daniel Prince

Mowers, appliances, electronics, and more taken from the residence

A break-in was reported on Jones Ford Road in Union County. Last Wednesday, Deputy Justin Littleton responded to the residence to meet with the victim. She stated she left in the early morning hours around September 15th to travel for work. She stated everything was neat and clean when she left. She said no one was supposed to be in the house while she was gone, and only one person had permission to be on the property, and that was a man who hunts on her land. The officer tried to call the man to see if he could say if he noticed anything or could give a better timeline, but he had to leave the man a voice mail.

The door appeared to have been pried open and the door frame was broken. A number of items were taken from the residence: Kubota tractor w/ bush hog attachment, Husqvarna riding mower, $200 in cash, stainless steel Frigidaire refrigerator, stainless steel microwave, toaster oven, book shelf with glass sliding doors, 2 Panasonic stereo systems, coffee table, 3 flat screen TVs, white ring with three clear stones, dark chair, two push mowers, a washer/dryer set, an unopened drone, a Roomba-type vacuum cleaner, and multiple packs of bed linens and towels. The case was sent for further investigations.

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