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Charges Filed in Several Financial Crime Cases

Daniel Prince

One case involves Walmart employee

A Union man has been arrested in connection to the theft of a debit card. The incident occurred on July 23rd. Deputy Tim Taylor responded to Dollar General on Lockhart Highway and spoke with an employee, who stated that two subjects had tried to use a debit card to purchase cigarettes, but the card was flagged as stolen. The employee identified the two men, one of which was 42-year-old Clay Morris. The employee stated that Morris and the person with him tried to use the card multiple times, but the transaction would not go through. The employee stated she took the card from the men.

Six days later, Captain Scott Coffer contacted Morris and had him come to the sheriff’s office. Coffer read Morris his rights, and he agreed to speak. Morris gave a statement of what happened that day. Coffer then contacted the victim, who stated he wished to prosecute. A warrant was issued for Clay Morris for financial transaction card theft.


A 47-year-old man from Blair, SC, has been arrested on multiple charges dating back to 2019. 47-year-old Reggie Young was arrested and charged with seven counts of fraudulent checks of less than $500. The incidents took place between April 2 and May 6, 2019.


A Walmart employee will be charged with breach of trust. On Monday, Sgt. Chris Fleming met with the loss prevention officer at Walmart, who stated he had a case dealing with an employee loading up money on gift cards but not placing money in the cash registers. He said the cash register in the pharmacy had come up nearly $5000 short. He said upon investigating, he saw that ten gift cards had been loaded on the register on June 12. He stated it was unusual for the pharmacy register to be short. A warrant was issued for 63-year-old Debra Annette Johnson for breach of trust. In all, $4814 was missing.

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