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Council Committee to Meet Today With EMS and Coroner's Office

Daniel Prince

Issue of transporting bodies came up at a recent council meeting

The Union County Council Committee on Public Health and Social Services will meet this afternoon at 5 p.m. in the Grand Jury Room at the Union County Courthouse. They will be discussing the procedure for handling emergencies that include the Coroner’s Office.

Dr. John Flood brought the issue up during the June meeting of Union County Council, asking council to consider making it policy that EMS only be responsible for transporting live patients, saying that the coroner’s office should be in charge of making arrangements for the transport of the deceased. Flood said that EMS vehicles currently have to remain on scene until the coroner’s office gets there, and sometimes they are told to transport the body to the morgue or the funeral home. EMS Director Eric Harold said it ties up resources that would be better used on those with emergencies. Supervisor Frank Hart suggested the committee meet with the coroner’s office and EMS and discuss the issue and come up with a plan to present to council later.

The public is invited to attend.

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