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Eaves, Rutherford Participate in WBCU Political Forum

Daniel Prince

Today is last day for early voting; special election is June 21

WBCU News held a political forum Thursday morning featuring the candidates for Union County Council District 5. A special election to fill the unexpired term of the late Tommie Hill, Sr. is set for Tuesday. Gerald Eaves is the Republican nominee for the seat, and Carolyn Rutherford is the Democratic nominee.
Eaves said he is ready to go to work for the people of his district, if elected:

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Today is the last day for early voting in the special election. If you live in County Council District 5, you can go to the Union County Election Commission office in the old Union Chrysler building on South Duncan Bypass across from Lewis Funeral Home from 8:30-5 today. If you don’t vote early, the election will be next Tuesday, and you can vote at your regular precinct. District 5 is comprised of parts of the Excelsior, Monarch, Ward 1 Box 1, Ward 1 Box 2, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4 Box 1, and Ward 4 Box 2 precincts.

Gerald Eaves and Carolyn Rutherford from the political forum
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