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Kitchen Building at Cross Keys House Burglarized

Daniel Prince

Silverware may have been taken

Last Wednesday, Deputy Kevin Felts responded to the Cross Keys House for a report of a break-in. On scene, Felts spoke with Museum Director Catherine Smith, who stated that a heating and air company was on the property working on an AC unit on the property. Smith stated she got a call from the owner of the company stating that a door on an outbuilding had been kicked in. The man stated he was on the property Monday evening, and everything was secured when he left. When he arrived Wednesday morning, he noticed a door was open in the outside kitchen building beside the main house. Smith initially did not notice anything missing, but in looking at the hutch, she said it appeared some silverware may be missing due to dust being disturbed. Deputy Felts looked at the hutch, and it looked like someone had run their fingers down the wood, and he also could see where silverware sat at one time. Smith said she would review property records to see if the silverware had been removed prior to the break-in. She said she would review the cameras on the property and see if anything was captured on them. The case has been forwarded to investigations.

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