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Man Faces Drug and Weapon Charges

Daniel Prince

Incident occurred in early October

A Union man faces multiple charges stemming from an October encounter with the Union Public Safety Department. On October 6, Investigator Dylan Beheler received information that 33-year-old Edward Allen Hudson had a black 9mm handgun in his possession. Hudson has been convicted of a violent crime and cannot possess a firearm in the state of South Carolina.

Beheler, along with two SLED agents, decided to try and talk with Hudson at the hotel in which he was staying. Beheler called Hudson and asked him to step outside and to sit in one of the patrol vehicles to talk. After being read his rights, Hudson stated he would speak to officers. They asked him if he had a handgun, and Hudson admitted he did, and it was in his room in a laundry basket under some clothes. He gave officers permission to search the room.

While this was going on, Beheler observed a woman driving Hudson’s vehicle pull up. She was read her rights and agreed to speak with officers. She told them Hudson owned a handgun. When asked if she had any narcotics in her possession, she reached under the driver’s seat of the vehicle and pulled out a quantity of methamphetamine.

When the hotel room was searched, officers found the handgun and bullets where Hudson said it would be, along with a large quantity of meth, a glass smoking pipe, a white container containing round white pills. Officers found two digital scales and two glass pipes on the dresser, and two hypodermic needles in a dresser drawer.

Hudson was charged with distribution of meth, second offense, due to him selling a quantity of meth to a confidential informant while at the hotel. He was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, felon in possession of a handgun, and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, second offense. Hudson was arrested and booked at the Union County Jail last Tuesday.

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