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Man Faces Multiple Charges Following Traffic Stop

Daniel Prince

Ty Wayne Morris arrested

A traffic stop early Thursday morning led to multiple charges for a Union man. Officer Christian Patterson was traveling north on North Pinckney Street when he saw a vehicle drift left of the center line. He sped up and followed the vehicle onto Wedgewood Court. He turned his blue lights on to initiate a traffic stop, but the vehicle sped up and turned onto East Academy Street and North Pinckney Street, while ignoring a stop sign and traffic light along the way. The vehicle finally stopped at the intersection of Thompson Boulevard and Rice Avenue.

Patterson and Sgt. Gaston had the driver, identified as 29-year-old Ty Wayne Morris, step out of the vehicle. When he did, a syringe fell from his pocket. Morris was placed in handcuffs and detained while officers searched his vehicle.

Sgt. Gaston found ammunition, a blue straw containing white residue, 15-count of a Schedule II narcotic that didn’t belong to Morris, and debit cards and a state ID card that did not belong to Morris. His driver’s license came back as suspended, the license plate came back to a different vehicle, and the VIN number showed the vehicle was registered to a different person.

Ty Wayne Morris was arrested and charged with driving under suspension, failure to stop for blue lights, possession of a Schedule II drug, failure to register, and display of a vehicle license not belonging to its intended vehicle. After a check of Morris’s criminal history found he was a convicted felon charged with a violent crime, Morris was charged with being in possession of ammunition while having been charged as a felon for a violent crime.

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