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Man Reported Missing From Whitney Place

Daniel Prince

Man's closest family is in Kershaw County

A man was reported missing by Whitney Place last Friday. PFC Thomas Willingham was dispatched to Whitney Place and spoke to an employee, who stated that 46-year-old Rashad Spencer had left the premises. She had last seen Spencer making his bed after taking his medication. She gave Willingham a photo of Spencer. Willingham rode around the area to see if he could find Spencer, but he did not locate him.

Willingham contacted Sgt. Scott Hood and told him about the situation. Due to Spencer’s mental health issues and the predicted cold temperatures that night, Hood contacted Deputy Galen Israel to come track Spencer with his K9. Willingham spoke to the owner of Whitney Place, who told him that Spencer had come there around August and does not know anyone in the area. When he came there, the facility was still on lockdown from COVID.

The owner detailed Spencer’s mental health issues and told Willingham the closest family that he has is in Kershaw County. He described Spencer as a black male, around 6 feet tall and weighing around 265 pounds. The K9 search did not produce any results. Israel stated Spencer could have gotten into a vehicle after leaving the premises. Rashad Spencer has been entered into NCIC.

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