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Stinger Football Coach Arrested on Disorderly Conduct Charge

Daniel Prince

On Tuesday, Sgt. Chris Fleming was off duty at Union County Stadium watching a Stinger football game. After the game, Fleming noticed several coaches talking around midfield, and one of the coaches, identified as 52-year-old Patrick Kelley, appeared to be getting angry. Fleming watched as Kelley began to walk toward the other team’s players in an aggressive manner. Kelley approached the other team’s coach, who had his back turned and was talking to the team. Fleming saw the other coach turn and try and keep Kelley away from his players. Fleming could hear Kelley getting loud and boisterous.

Fleming then walked down to the field and got between Kelley and the other team and its coaches. He identified himself as a police officer and tried to get Kelley to walk away from the situation. Kelley began to yell that since Fleming was not in uniform, he couldn’t arrest him. Fleming continued to tell Kelley he was an officer and Kelley needed to walk away. Kelley then yelled at the other coach that he was going to fight him in the parking lot. Fleming pulled his police ID out, held it at eye level to ensure Kelley saw it, and told Kelley that he was under arrest for disorderly conduct. He then began to escort Kelley out of the stadium. He called dispatch and told them to send city units, as he had one in custody.

The report states Kelley was still angry and argumentative with Fleming and other bystanders in the stands. Kelley stated he wanted the other coach arrested for assaulting him. Fleming told him he didn’t see the other coach assault him, but he would look into it. PSO Voiselle arrived and handcuffed Kelley, and PSO Harris took him to Union County Jail. Fleming found out a bystander had recorded the incident, and upon reviewing the video, he could see the other coach never assaulted Kelley. Kelley was issued a citation for disorderly conduct and was released the next morning on a personal recognizance bond.

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