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Study Shows Union County Has Least Credit Card Debt in the State

Daniel Prince

Calhoun, Laurens, Newberry, and Clarendon counties are the rest of the top five

In more good news for the county, Union is listed as the county with the least credit card debt in the state.

The personal financial advice website SmartAsset analyzed the ratio of credit card debt to per capita income for each county, as well as the ratio of credit card debt to net wealth per capita in each county. Overall, they found that Union County had the least credit card debt in the state, with an average of 7% of debt to income and 9.3% of debt to net wealth.

#2 on the list was Calhoun County, followed by Laurens, Newberry, and Clarendon rounding out the top 5. The rest of the top 10 were Oconee, Darlington, Colleton, Beaufort, and Greenwood.

Spartanburg ranked 17th, Cherokee came in 27th, and Chester is 32nd. Some of the coastal counties have the highest rate of credit card debt to income, with Horry County at 41st, Charleston 42nd, and Jasper with the highest rate, coming in 44th. There was not enough data to be able to include McCormick or Allendale counties.

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