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Teen Arrested for Damaging Glass at Area Laundromat

Daniel Prince

Littering charge added to the malicious damage charge

A Union teen was arrested for damaging glass at the Fresh Air Galaxy. Sgt. Dean Allen was dispatched to the grocery store on August 31 for glass that had been broken during the night. Allen spoke with Kane Quinn, the store manager, who stated that when he came to work that morning, he saw the glass had been broken at the laundromat next door. He said when looking at the in-store video, he could see a white male come across the parking lot and throw a brick at the door. The male then walked over to the laundromat and kicked the glass, causing it to break. He said the male tried to kick other windows but was not able to break any of the others. Sgt. Allen viewed the footage and saw that the subject appeared to take a picture with his phone when he broke the glass. After further investigation, 19-year-old Noah Ashton Kowalewsky was charged with malicious injury to property and littering. The littering charge was for throwing the brick at the entry door of the Fresh Air Galaxy and for throwing a liquor bottle at the window of DD’s Mart without cleaning up the items. Damage to the property was estimated at $1500.

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