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Threats to Union Christian Day School reported

Daniel Prince

Student was expelled last week

Tuesday afternoon, Sgt. Chris Fleming responded to Union Christian Day School regarding threats. He spoke to Principal Adam Petty, who stated that an 8th-grade juvenile student had made a threat to “shoot up the school” the previous Thursday. He said the information was confirmed by four students that day, and several more had come forward since then. Petty stated the juvenile was not a bad student but just had an attitude. Petty told Fleming that was not the first time the juvenile had made such a threat, as students told the administrators he had said similar things the previous year on multiple occasions in group settings of other students. Petty expelled the juvenile last Thursday to ensure the safety of the other students at the school. Since that time, Petty said he has received calls from someone threatening to sue and to get lawyers over the expulsion. Petty said he did not want officers to do anything but document the threat and the phone calls. Fleming said he would try and contact the juvenile’s parents.

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