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Three Polling Places Will Move for Special Referendum Election

Daniel Prince

Absentee voting now underway

Union County Elections Director Darlene Pettit has informed WBCU News that absentee voting for the November 2nd special referendum election is now open. The Election Commission will be temporarily moving three voting precincts because school will be in session on November 2nd. The affected precincts will be East Buffalo, which normally votes at Buffalo Elementary School; Monarch Box 1, which usually votes at Monarch Elementary School; and Ward 1 Box 1, which normally votes at Foster Park Elementary School. We’ll have more information on the precincts’ temporary locations when we confirm it with the county commission.

There will be two referendum questions on this November’s ballot. The first is whether to change the county’s form of government from the current council-supervisor form to a council-administrator form. The second is whether or not to impose a one-penny capital projects sales tax, to be used solely for the projects listed on the ballot, which are construction of a career and technology center on the SCC Union campus, upgrades to recreational park facilities across the county, improvements to the animal shelter, upgrades and renovations to the YMCA pool, upgrades and renovations to facilities at the fairgrounds, construction of a multi-purpose arena at the fairgrounds, upgrades and renovations to the auditorium and other areas at the former Jonesville High School, and upgrades to the city’s soccer field and construction of a new field house.

City voters will not see the city council race on the November 2nd ballot. The special election to fill the council seat left vacant when Vicki Morgan resigned will be held on Tuesday, November 30. Chasity Pearson and Gloria Rogers are running for that seat.

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