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USDA Grant to Help Town of Lockhart

Daniel Prince

Nearly $165,000 given to help Lockhart and other towns with plans and mapping for water and wastewater systems

The US Department of Agriculture announced an investment of $86 million to improve equitable access to jobs, business opportunities, education, health care, and housing for rural people. Nearly $940,000 of the money will be going to South Carolina.

The investments are going to one of six programs designed to help people and businesses in rural areas. They include Tribal College Initiative Grants, Rural Community Development Initiative Grants, Housing Preservation Grants, Delta Health Care Grants, Socially Disadvantaged Groups Grants, and Water and Waste Disposal Grants.

One of the grants will help the Town of Lockhart. The USDA is giving $164,999 to the Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, Inc. The money will be used to provide technical assistance to individual water and wastewater communities and utility companies to prepare asset management plans, fiscal sustainability and mapping assets to recipients in the Town of Lockhart, as well as the towns of Olanta, Prosperity, Lynchburg, Norway, Ridge Spring, and Eastover.

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