Submit picks by 7:30 p.m. each friday

  • Weekly winners will receive a $10 gift certificate to Shady's. 

  • Playoff week winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to Shady's, because everything is more important come playoff time! 

  • The picker with the most overall wins will receive the grand prize ($50 Shady's gift certificate).

  • The picker with the best percentage, having entered at least half of the contest weeks) will also receive a $50 Shady's gift certificate.

  • To spread the winnings, if the person with the best percentage also has the most overall wins, the percentage prize will go to the person with the 2nd-highest percentage.

  • Weekly tiebreaker 1--best record in the bonus games

  • Weekly tiebreaker 2--correct pick of the Union County game

  • Weekly tiebreaker 3--closest prediction of the final score in Union County's game based on total number of points scored

  • Weekly tiebreaker 4--closest prediction of Union County's score

  • Weekly tiebreaker 5--closest prediction of opponent's score

  • Weekly tiebreaker 6--earliest entry received 

  • Championship tiebreaker 1--total number of weeks won

  • Championship tiebreaker 2--best overall record in the bonus games

  • Championship tiebreaker 3--best individual record for the week(s) won

  • Championship tiebreaker 4--best combined record for the weeks won

  • Championship tiebreaker 5--most recent week won

  • Championship tiebreaker 6--best record in the previous week, continuing to look at past weeks until the tie can be broken 

Week 2 best records

Top percentages
(minimum 1 week picked)

Overall standings

Week 1 Winner--Nuke LaLoosh

Week 2 Winner--Brannon House