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2021 in Review: Capital Project Sales Tax Narrowly Defeated

Daniel Prince

Government change referendum soundly defeated

In a special referendum election in November, Union County voters decided by a nearly 2-1 margin to keep the county’s form of government the same.

By a 74-vote margin, voters decided against implementing a 1% capital project sales tax. Money from the tax would have gone to finance the construction of a new career and technology center on the SCC-Union campus, to pay for upgrades and renovations to county and municipal parks, for improvements to the animal shelter, for upgrades and renovations at the YMCA pool, for upgrades and renovations to facilities at the fairgrounds, for the construction of a new multi-purpose arena at the fairgrounds, for upgrades and renovations to the auditorium at the former Jonesville High School, and for upgrades to the city’s soccer field and construction of a new field house at the YMCA.

Voter turnout was light at just over 18%. By comparison, turnout was 76.4% for the 2020 presidential election.

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