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2021 in Review: Fair Board and Stadium Commission Discussion Left Unresolved

Daniel Prince

County committee voted to pursue an ordinance changing and combining duties

In a story we will watch into 2022, the Union County Council Committee on Law Enforcement, Judiciary, and Recreation met to discuss the Stadium Commission and Fair Board. After hearing a presentation from Ronnie Wade, Dr. John Flood made a motion that an ordinance be drafted to the effect of changing the duties of the fair board to executing the Union County Agricultural Fair and submitting a budget to the county on what is needed to put one on each year, with money spent going through the county’s procurement policies, that all funds raised at the facilities go into a special revenue fund of the county to be used for improvements to the facilities and grounds, that the Stadium Commission be rolled into the Tourism Commission, with the commission being in charge of marketing and planning of events and the Tourism Director in charge of coordinating the rentals of the properties for events. The committee unanimously approved the motion.

Supervisor Frank Hart said he would get with the attorneys to draft the ordinance, and once it was written, he would bring it back to the committee for review and discussion, and the committee would then vote on whether to bring it to the full council.

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