2021 in Review: No Action on Speed Bumps for Park Drive

Daniel Prince

Residents concerned about speeding down the road between Main Street and Arthur Blvd.

As we look back at some of the top stories of 2021, one bit of business from a City Council meeting will carry over into 2022. With a group of concerned residents from the Park Drive area looking on at the October meeting, Union City Council voted to table the issue of installing traffic calming devices on Park Drive. Council member Greg Addison brought the issue to council, stating that speeding is a problem on the road that runs between Main Street and Arthur Boulevard.

City Administrator Joe Nichols said the DOT stated the project met all the criteria for installing such devices. The next steps would be to get an engineer to design the devices for the area, submit the design to the DOT, put it out to bid, construct it, stripe it, and then the city would own it, would assume liability for it, and would have to maintain it for the life of the devices. Nichols stated all that could cost around $40,000-$50,000. He said normally that would be a budgeted item, and if it were to be paid from general fund money, it would have to come as a budget amendment. Nichols said he was also concerned that others on other roads would want the same thing done in their neighborhoods, and where would the city stop?

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