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4-H Poultry Projects Open for Registration

Daniel Prince

4-H clubs meeting in person

The annual 4-H Poultry Projects are now open for registration. They are open to all youth, ages 5-18, that are active members of South Carolina 4-H.

The Pullet Chain project lets the youth receive chicks that are a day old and raise them, while the laying flock project allows any youth that already has chickens at home to participate with their existing birds without having to raise new chicks. For the Pullet Chain project, participants have the option of raising 12 or 25 pullets and must choose from three breeds: Golden Comet, Barred Plymouth Rocks, and Buff Orpingtons. Those choosing 12 birds will pay a $40 deposit, while those with 25 birds will pay an $80 deposit. Upon successful completion of the project, the deposit will be returned. Youth will receive a project book that must be completed and turned in to the local 4-H agent at the end of the project. Participants are expected to show in a minimum of one showmanship opportunity between August and November. They also must return birds to the 4-H pullet auction. Those choosing 12 birds must return 3, and those choosing 25 must return 5. Those who do all those things get their deposit back and can keep the rest of the birds. Registration is open until March 1.

For the Laying Flock project, 4-H members will use their existing chickens to complete the project. They will receive a project book to complete and turn in to the local 4-H agent. Youth are expected to show in a minimum of one showmanship opportunity between August and October. Cost for this is $10 per participant.

The top Junior and Senior book in each county for each project will advance to region/state judging for additional awards. For more information, contact the Union County 4-H Office at 427-6259, extension 0.

Union County 4-H is back to meeting in person. They have new clubs and projects in the works, and their other clubs like the Recycle Club, Woodsrunners, Shooting Sports, Poultry Club, and Baking Buddies are now meeting.

To join 4-H for the 2021-2022 year, if you haven’t already done so, visit Membership is $15 and includes a 4-H t-shirt. If you have been a member in the last 4-5 years, you are already in the system. There is a password reset option if you have forgotten your password. For assistance, call 427-6259, ext. 0. Also, be sure to like them on Facebook, at They will post upcoming events, reminders, cancellations, and other important information.

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