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Airport to Present Proposal for New Terminal

Daniel Prince

Detention Center to talk with SCC about welding program for inmates

In more news from Tuesday’s Union County Council meeting, council member David Sinclair thanked Public Works Director Rusty Snider and his staff for the road work they had done in Mount Vernon Estates, as a couple of roads there had recently been taken into the county road system and repaved.

In the supervisor’s report, Bob Love told council that Union County Detention Center Director Neil McKeown would meet Wednesday with representatives from Spartanburg Community College about putting a welding program in place for inmates.

Airport Director Ronnie Wade presented council with a proposal for a new airport terminal. As part of the new infrastructure law that Congress approved last year, billions of dollars have been set aside for airport improvements, at least 10% of which are required to be spent at small airports like in Union County. Love said there is an October 24 deadline to submit an application to get the process started to get funding for a terminal. He said that would dovetail nicely with other improvements already in the works at the airport, and if funding were approved, the federal government would pay 95% of the cost of the project. Wade requested $5000 so the engineering firm led by Michael Baker could put together a plan and proposal by the deadline for the terminal project. County engineer Jerry Brannon said for the airport to be competitive, it needed a terminal, as well as an extended runway to be able to accommodate corporate jets. Love said the ability for economic development prospects to be able to land at the county airport would make a positive impression and be a feather in the cap for the county. Council unanimously approved the money for the engineering fees from the operational contingency fund.

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