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Andy Breitenbach Named First-Year Teacher of the Year

Superintendent Joey Haney congratulates Andy Breitenbach on his award
Coach Bob Cheshier was recognized for 35 years of service with the school district

Daniel Prince

Sixteen employees honored for 25, 30, or 35 years of service with the district

At the Union County School District’s opening celebration Tuesday, Andy Breitenbach was named the first year teacher of the year for the school district. 37 district employees were recognized for five consecutive years of service with the district, 15 had 10 years, 19 had 15 years, and 9 had 20 years. Recognized for 25 consecutive years of service with Union County Schools was Kim Balkum, Latasha Booker, Angela Bright, Vonnie Brown, Jodie Ledbetter, Carla Page, Delmar Pearson, Emily Sartor, Jeff Stepp, and Judy Turner. Debbie Johnson, Ethel Glenn, Jane Petty, and Robert Tucker were honored for 30 years, and Bob Cheshier and Joyce Hughes have logged 35 years with the district.

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