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Animal Control to Patrol Areas of the County Each Day


Daniel Prince

Call volume has nearly doubled over historical levels

The Union County Animal Shelter posted a note on their Facebook page saying that to better serve the community, as numbers rise on animal welfare calls, nuisance animals, and dogs running at large, the Union County Animal officers will be patrolling all areas of the city and county each day.

On their Facebook page, they posted links to the county’s animal code ( and the city’s animal control ordinance ( The shelter said not to be alarmed if you get a tagged door, as they are also checking for proof of rabies. They concluded by saying they are working hard for the community and ensuring the proper living conditions and welfare of the animals in the county.

At this spring’s county budget meetings, Holly Wise and David Kitchens told Union County Council that historically, the office has received 6000-8000 calls per year. Now, they are receiving around 11,000. They also mentioned that similar counties of our size and service area have 2-4 animal control officers working full time, while Union County has one.

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