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Ann White Launches Write-in Campaign for SC House District 42

Daniel Prince

White will not appear on the ballot

As the countdown to the 2022 election reaches 36 days, a Union woman has announced a write-in campaign for the SC House District 42 race. Ann White sent WBCU News a release stating she believes voters in Union and Laurens counties deserve to have a choice, saying that hearing different perspectives is beneficial in any political race.

White said that making voting more accessible and convenient for citizens is an urgent concern that prompted her to enter the race. She said some strategies to increase voter registration and participation in elections are automatic registration, same-day registration, preregistration for people who are almost voting age, and making Election Day a state holiday. She also mentioned streamlining the voter registration deadlines, as currently there are three deadlines depending on how someone registers, where one deadline would suffice, she said.

Education is another concern of White’s, particularly making sure the schools have the resources they need and that teachers are paid well.

A third concern is the abortion ban bill. In her announcement, White said, “I believe women should have the right to make decisions about their medical care in private consultation with their medical providers, without state intrusion. I also believe physicians should be able to provide appropriate medical care for their patients without the threat of being charged with a crime.”

White lives in Union with her husband, Thom. They moved here in 1983. They raised two daughters, both of whom attended Union County public schools from kindergarten through graduation. White volunteered in the schools in the 1990s and early 2000s. She is a member of First Presbyterian Church and works part-time as an administrative assistant at Providence Presbytery in Rock Hill.

White’s name will not appear on the ballot, but she asks voters to write her name in for the SC House District 42 race. You can read her full statement on our WBCU Facebook page.

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