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Augusta, GA Man Charged With Damaging Business in Carlisle

Daniel Prince

Damage estimated at $2000

An Augusta, GA, man is accused of burglarizing and damaging a business in Carlisle. In the early morning hours of September 1st, Deputy Justin Littleton responded to a report of a break-in at Big Glenn’s Grill at 3117 Janie Glymph Goree Boulevard in Carlisle.

When he arrived, Littleton noticed multiple cuts to the screened-in area of the restaurant and multiple windows busted. Littleton spoke to the owner, who stated he had gotten a call that stated the building looked like it had been messed up. He said the suspect did not appear to have taken anything but had kicked in the door, cut the screens on the building, and kicked over baskets that hold bread. The building where the owner takes payments had been damaged, as well. The two front windows had been busted out, and Littleton saw pieces of asphalt lying on the concrete and one piece lying inside the building. The cash register cord and been cut and pulled out of the window, but the owner stated he does not leave money in the building at night.

The damage to the business was estimated at $2000. The owner stated he had no known issues with anyone. Littleton noticed the Lil Cricket across the road may have had a camera pointed in the direction of the grill, but no one was at the station at the time. The case was sent to investigations.

Last Thursday afternoon, Captain Scott Coffer obtained information from SLED and was able to positively identify the suspect as 36-year-old Clinton Lee Northcutt, from Augusta, GA. Warrants were obtained on Northcutt for third-degree burglary and malicious damage. Bond was set at $5000. As of Sunday evening, Northcutt was still listed as an inmate at the Union County Detention Center.

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