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Beth Ramsey Anthony Officially Announces as School Board Candidate

Daniel Prince

Anthony will take on Dr. Jane Wilkes for the School Board District 9 seat

Beth Ramsey Anthony sent out a press release Thursday officially announcing her campaign for the School Board District 9 seat, currently held by Dr. Jane Wilkes. In her announcement, she states that “as a certified teacher, parent, and lifelong resident of Union County, I want to do my part to continuously improve the education opportunities for our students and identify and implement plans to improve teacher retention.” She says that students should be the primary concern in all that is done within the district. She goes on to say that for students to come first, they must be provided with the environment for success, which she says starts with the faculty and staff at our schools. She said, “teachers leave our district every year for opportunities in surrounding areas, and we need to determine why and find strategies to increase teacher retention.”

Anthony and her husband, Dee, have had children in Union County Schools for the past 16 years. She said she has volunteered in many ways, from chaperoning school trips to serving as treasurer of the Band Aide Club, serving on the School Improvement Council and Teacher Advisory Committee at the high school, and she aided in implementing programs to improve morale and the overall perception of the high school by students, faculty, staff, and parents. She was a high school science teacher at Union County High School from 2011-2020.

Anthony’s full announcement is on our Facebook page and in the photo above.

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