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Buffalo Elementary School Students Compete to Collect Food

Buffalo Elementary School
BES food drive
BES food drive

Daniel Prince

Buffalo students' generosity helps stock Blessings Boxes around town

The students at Buffalo Elementary School engaged in a friendly competition to give back to the community recently. The students donated canned foods to help supply the Blessing Boxes and food pantries around the community. Students participated in a Carolina vs. Clemson competition to encourage donations. According to pictures submitted by the school, the donations were plentiful, enough to fill at least two 30-gallon trash cans.

For those not familiar, Blessings Boxes are set up several places around town—one across from the stadium, one near Gene’s Hairstyling, a couple at Grace United Methodist Church, and some in other locations, as well. These are stocked with food that is available for those in need to come and pick up as they need it. Anyone can give what they can or take what they need.

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