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Buffalo Elementary Welcomes New Visual Arts Teacher

Daniel Prince

Elizabeth Patterson is a first-year teacher

Buffalo Elementary School is welcoming a new Visual Arts teacher this semester. Elizabeth Patterson will be teaching visual arts to kindergarten through 5th grade. She is entering her first year of teaching. She has taught students in kindergarten through 12th grade while in college, and she volunteers during the summer at the Artist Coop for their Art Camp Program. She has also worked as a tutor under USC Union’s Student Success Center at their Laurens campus.

Patterson received her Associate of Arts degree with High Honors from USC Union. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Art Education at USC Upstate, where she graduated with high honors and Magna Cum Laude. Patterson says she has always had a love for art and learning, and that is how she knew she wanted to teach art. She said it is so rewarding to be able to teach what you love. She enjoys being able to encourage students to be creative while also learning new things through art.

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