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Burglary and Vandalism Cases Reported in Union

Daniel Prince

Public Safety investigating incidents on Pinetree Lane

Several incidents of burglary and vandalism have been reported on Pinetree Lane in Union. On Sunday, a vehicle was reported to be damaged at 206 Pinetree Lane. A man there stated someone had entered his unlocked vehicle and damaged the glove compartment. He said he did not know if anything was missing. Also on Sunday, a break-in was reported at 218 Pinetree Lane. A man noticed the door to an outbuilding was hanging off the building. He said he thought the wind had done it, so he fixed the door back. He later went in the building to get his chain saw to cut a limb and noticed the chainsaw was missing and other things were out of place. On Monday, a break-in was reported at 204 Pinetree Lane. A man stated he went to his vehicle the previous day to go to church. He looked in the console of the vehicle and noticed his black and silver 380 handgun was gone. He said the doors were not locked on his vehicle. He also noticed that the storage room door looked like someone had tried to pry the door open. He said he looked inside and noticed his JC Higgins 12 gauge automatic black and brown shotgun that had been over the door was missing. The Union Public Safety Department is investigating these incidents.

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