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Chasity Pearson Wins City Council District 3 Seat

Daniel Prince

Extremely low turnout as only 77 cast ballots in race

City Council District 3 has a new representative on council following Tuesday’s special election. Chasity Pearson defeated Gloria Rogers to win the seat, 42-35. Pearson earned 54.5% of the vote to 45.5% for Rogers.

WBCU News spoke with both candidates after the final results were announced, and this was their reactions, starting with Pearson:

(audio below story)

Rogers will continue in her role as City Clerk and Human Resources Director at the city.

Turnout was extremely light at around 7% of the district’s 900+ voters, with a total of 77 votes cast. By comparison, when Morgan was first elected in 2016, 529 people cast their ballots.

Rogers took all three votes in the East Buffalo precinct. Rogers also won the Excelsior box, 14-9. Ward 3 proved to be the difference in the race, with Pearson winning that box, 22-9. Rogers won Ward 4 Box 1, 7-4. Pearson took all four votes in Ward 4 Box 2. She also had the most absentee votes, 3-2 over Rogers.

The municipal election commission will certify the results, and Pearson should be sworn in at the next meeting of Union City Council.

Pearson, Rogers react to election results
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