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Childers Presents Second Draft of Modified Schedule

The original draft of the modified schedule

Daniel Prince

Start of school moved from July 20 to August 1; intersession periods shortened

Childers also presented the board with a second sample modified calendar based on feedback that he was hearing that parents wanted the school year to begin in August. He said he originally understood that there had to be an instructional day in every calendar month in order to move to this type of schedule, but upon further conversations, he said he found out there was no law regarding what a modified schedule had to look like. The second sample calendar has school starting August 1 rather than July 20, while still ending at the end of May. He said he accomplished it by moving some intersession days to the end of the calendar, slightly extending the summer break. The intersession period would be a total of 8 school days, the first three of which would fall on a Wednesday through Friday and would be dedicated to remediation and enrichment, followed by a full week off. No action was taken by the school board yet, and the earliest a modified schedule could be implemented would be for the 2023-2024 school year.
We’ll have more information from the school board meeting in tomorrow’s newscast.

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