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City Council Awards Sewer Bid for MycoWorks Project

Daniel Prince

Request for funding senior group referred to budget work sessions

In other business from last week’s Union City Council meeting, council awarded the bid for the MycoWorks sewer extension project. Three bids were received, and SM Grading and Excavating, a Union County company, came in with the low bid at $255,920. The council unanimously voted to award them the bid, pending SC Department of Commerce approval.

Mary Owens requested funding from City Council for her senior citizens group, Sisters on the Move by Faith Education Center. They requested $61,800 toward food service, and programs such as music, Spanish, sign language, health science, and computer instruction, as well as for a director, an overhead projector, a copy machine, and various arts, crafts, and games. The group does not yet have its 501c3 certification, which Mayor Thompson said would be required to receive money. Given the amount of money requested, council voted to refer the matter to the upcoming budget work sessions to be held in the spring.

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