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City Council to Hold Public Hearings, Regular Meeting Tonight

Daniel Prince

Council to award bid on Foster Park pier repair

Union City Council will have two public hearings covering three topics prior to the regular meeting. At 5:30, they will solicit public comments in connection with the needs assessment for the City of Union. At 6, another public hearing is scheduled to receive public comments in connection with changes to the City of Union Zoning Ordinance regarding Section 115.1, which deals with the increase in separation between tattoo and piercing parlors and other entities, such as schools, churches, residential areas, and parks and playgrounds and the like. The other topic of the 6 p.m. public hearing will be to get comments regarding the natural gas transportation system. Both those topics received first readings of their respective ordinances at last month’s meeting and will be up for second and final reading in today’s meeting.

At 6:30, the regular meeting will convene. Seven city workers will be recognized for January work anniversaries, ranging from 5 to 22 years of service. Council will then hold second and final reading on the change to the zoning ordinance expanding the separation distance regarding the location of body piercing, tattooing, and other disfiguring processes. They will then hold second and final reading on an ordinance establishing a natural gas transportation program. The only new business on the agenda is to award the bid for the Foster Park pier repair.

The public is invited to attend the public hearings and meetings, which will be held at Union City Hall, 101 Sharpe Avenue.

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