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Civil Rights Group Protests Bob Love's Appointment as Interim Superintendent

Daniel Prince

Group calls for an assembly at the courthouse this afternoon

A group calling itself Justice for Change, a civil rights leadership organization headed by Rev. Jerome Brown and his wife Ann Stevens-Brown, is protesting the county delegation’s recommendation to the governor to appoint Bob Love as interim Union County Supervisor. Brown said in a letter he sent out that the decision should have been voted on by the people. His group is calling for an assembly at the courthouse steps today from 4-5 p.m.

South Carolina law clearly states in section 4-11-20 that in the event of a vacancy at any time in any of the offices of any county of the state, the governor may appoint some suitable person, who shall be an elector of the county (meaning the person is qualified to register to vote in the county), and, upon duly qualifying according to law, he shall be entitled to enter upon and hold the office to which he has been appointed until the next general election for such office, and such person shall hold office until his successor shall qualify.
In November, voters will go to the polls to choose Republican Phillip Russell or Democrat Timika Wilson as Union County Supervisor.

The governor has not yet made his appointment to the office official. After Probate Judge Will All resigned, it took a couple of weeks for the governor to announce his appointment of Toni Horne Allen to the position.

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