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Cohen Will Not Seek Reelection to School Board

Daniel Prince

Cohen served one term on the board

The nonpartisan filing period will be opening soon, and while many will be announcing their candidacy for office soon, one school board member has now publicly stated that he will not be running for another term. Mike “Brokearm” Cohen put this statement on his Facebook page:

“I really want to thank the communities that make up School Board District 5 for allowing me to serve all students for past 4 years. With the filing period being open Friday, July 15th, I want to announce that I will not be running for re-election to District 5 School Board. This is a position that is an honor for me to have held. I love our youth and Union County, but now is my time to let others step in.”

Cohen was elected to the School Board District 5 seat in 2018, defeating longtime school board member Jane Hammett. Cohen held a couple of town hall events early in his time as school board member, and he consistently spoke out against tax increases by the school district.

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