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Council Votes to Use Bond Proceeds for IT Upgrades

Daniel Prince

Council passes second reading of Comprehensive Plan

Following the public hearing, Union County Council met for a special called session. Council voted unanimously to appropriate bond proceeds to pay for some IT equipment upgrades. US Tech, Inc. provided quotes to the county totaling $60,297.38. Part of the money will go to upgrading the UPS system for county facilities. That is a battery back-up system that kicks on in case of brief power outages, allowing for uninterrupted service for short outages and giving time to properly shut down equipment in case of longer outages. The rest of the money will go for new IT switches for the Wells Fargo and South State Bank buildings, which will be renovated soon. Hart cited the long lead time between ordering and receiving equipment and said that is the reason for going ahead with these requests.

New Probate Judge Toni Horne Allen asked for and received unanimous approval to fill a vacancy to hire someone to take her place in the office, as her position was left vacant when she was appointed to the post.

Council also unanimously adopted a resolution to adopt a grievance policy, self-evaluation plan, and transition plan in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. After the meeting, Supervisor Frank Hart explained the purpose of that:

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Finally, council unanimously approved second reading of the comprehensive plan, titled, “Comprehensive Plan 2031: A Shared Vision for Our Tomorrow”. Third reading will come next Tuesday, October 12, at council’s regular October meeting. A brief road committee meeting is expected prior to that meeting.

Frank Hart on ADA resolution
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