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County Council Adds $150,000 in Capital Expenditures to Budget

Daniel Prince

New phone system, health screenings, GIS contract, and more added to the list

Last Thursday, Union County Council met for another budget work session. One of the areas of the budget they had to address was capital requests for equipment. After going through all the proposed capital requests, council added a total of $152,742. Among the requests that made the cut is a new phone system, because the old one has reached the end of its supported life. Health screenings for employees were added, as it can be a liability for the county to not have them for its employees. The GIS contract for the tax assessor’s office was kept in, as that helps provide updated mapping for that office. Radios for the sheriff’s office was added, and council wanted to look at the need for laptops for that office a little further before approving that request. A battery-backup UPS unit for the 911 tower site was also included.

Other requests were put off to another year, though some could be revisited again before the budget process is complete. The council will meet again for another budget work session on Wednesday, May 25, at 3:30 p.m. to try and finalize the budget, while leaving time for another work session if needed before the regular June meeting. Council will meet for its May regular meeting tomorrow to pass second reading of the budget.

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