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County Council Approves COVID Incentive Payments to County Employees

Daniel Prince

Payments expected just in time for the holidays

Union County Council held a four-minute special meeting Friday afternoon at the Union County Community Development and Tourism Office at 103 West Main Street. Ralph Tucker was absent, and Tracie Campbell and Ben Ivey attended by phone.

The purpose was to consider using COVID funds to provide an incentive for county employees. Just like the city, all county employees are considered essential, and they continued working throughout the pandemic. Part of the county’s allotted $5.3 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds can be used to provide incentives for essential employees.

Ben Ivey, chair of the finance committee, brought a proposal that a one-time incentive of $1000 for each full-time employee and $500 for all part-time permanent employees be paid, with the amount not to exceed $250,000. Supervisor Frank Hart said he hoped to get the incentives paid out in time for Christmas if the payroll department could possibly do so. The vote for the incentive was unanimous.

With no other business to attend to, council adjourned the meeting four minutes after it began.

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