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County Council Approves Fee Agreement Resolution, Lease Agreement with MycoWorks

Daniel Prince

MycoWorks to use 103 West Main Street as corporate office

At Tuesday’s meeting of Union County Council, County Council unanimously voted to approve an inducement resolution providing for a fee agreement between Union County and MycoWorks. Supervisor Frank Hart stated it was a technicality to finalize the documentation related to the deal council previously approved by ordinance.

Council also unanimously voted to approve a resolution creating a Capital Project Sales Tax Commission. Last November, with just over 18% voter turnout, voters narrowly rejected the previous Capital Project Sales Tax by a 74-vote margin. The resolution will serve to restart the process with a new committee and project list. Some of the same projects could appear on the list again, depending on what projects are submitted to the committee and which are approved.

County Council also unanimously approved first reading of a lease agreement for MycoWorks. They will be using the building at 103 West Main Street, which formerly housed the Union County Tourism Commission and Union County Community Development offices, as their local office. The county offices will move temporarily into office space at Main Street Junction, with the hope that after the Union County Sheriff’s Office renovation is complete, they might can move into the vacated space at the old jail. Hart said that renovation work at the sheriff’s office is coming along quickly and may wrap up in the next 90 days. He said that project is moving along more quickly than the renovation of the old South State Bank building across from the courthouse.

We’ll have more news from the meeting in tomorrow’s newscast.

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