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County Council Approves Help for Jonesville Park Project

Daniel Prince

Council commits $127,000 to the project from the economic development fund

Union County Council voted to help the Town of Jonesville as they are making improvements to create a park adjacent to the ballfield where USC Union plays baseball. It would include an amphitheater, an improved playground, an educational wetland, and more. The total cost of the project is $630,000, and the town asked the county to help with $127,000 toward the project. Initially, Interim Supervisor Bob Love said the town had asked the county to alleviate the tipping fee for hauling off the asphalt to the landfill, but he said that would cut into the county’s revenue, which they could not do. Instead, he advised they use money from the economic development fund. Love and Councilwoman Tracy Campbell met with Jonesville Town Administrator Michael Tyler about the proposed project, and Love and Campbell had this to say:

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Council unanimously voted to appropriate the $127,000 from the economic development fund to help Jonesville with this project.

In other news from the meeting, Nicholas Gosnell, Darren Cody, and Melinda Haney were all recognized for their years of service to the county. Haney had served 20 years before retiring recently. Clerk of Court Melanie Lawson requested that a vacant budgeted general sessions clerk position be filled. Council unanimously voted to fill that position. Lawson stated that Solicitor Kevin Brackett had requested that since the Union County Sheriff’s Office moved out of the courthouse that she have someone look at the area and see if they could create another female holding cell, as they only have one currently. Lawson said the group that is doing the jail expansion would be coming within the next week to look at a couple of different spaces to see if it would be feasible. She said she would bring any estimates back to council.

Interim Supervisor Bob Love stated that the county’s partnership with Pacolet Milliken on the spec building for MycoWorks has closed. The building has officially been sold to MycoWorks, and the proceeds were split between the county and Pacolet Milliken.

Interim Supervisor Bob Love and Tracie Campbell on the Jonesville park project
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