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County Council Has Three Public Hearings Scheduled Ahead of Today's Meeting

Daniel Prince

Public comments accepted on budget, lease agreement, and sale of City Park at the hearings

Union County Council will hold three public hearings ahead of its regular monthly meeting today. The hearings and meeting will be held in the Grand Jury Room of the Union County Courthouse. At 5 p.m., council will convene for a public hearing on the budget for the coming fiscal year. At 5:15, they will hold another public hearing on a proposed ordinance authorizing MycoWorks to lease property owned by the county at 103 West Main Street. At 5:20, council will hold a third public hearing to receive comments authorizing the sale and conveyance of City Park at 615 West Main Street to the Union-Laurens Commission on Higher Education.

At 5:30, the regular monthly council meeting will begin. There are 11 agenda items prior to the council taking up resolutions and ordinances. USC Union has a request for a vehicle. Cathryn Smith with the Union County Museum is back on the agenda this month to present a resolution proposal to recognize and approve the formation of the Union County 250 Committee. Paul Davis will appear to discuss support from Cindy Fore with Veterans Affairs.

Council will then discuss a capacity increase at the landfill. They will discuss an easement release for TBA. They will also discuss a Transit Pilot Program.

After that, council will discuss any requests to fill vacant budgeted positions, including discussing hiring a dispatcher. They will discuss requests for capital funds, including a generator for the courthouse and an excavator. They will then consider appointments to vacant positions on boards and commissions.
The final items up for discussion are discussing funds for the Lockhart boat ramp. They will also discuss a project funding plan.

Following any reports from elected officials, council will vote on three resolutions. The first is to commission Code Enforcement Officers. They will consider a resolution to adopt the County Road List. They will then vote on a resolution to negotiate a FILOT for Project George Washington.

Five ordinances will receive readings at the meeting, as well. Council will hold its third and final reading on the fiscal year 2022-2023 Union County budget. They will also hold third and final reading on the sale and conveyance of county-owned property to the Union-Laurens Commission on Higher Education. The ordinance for a lease agreement with MycoWorks will receive its final reading, as well. A FILOT and incentive agreement for Project George Washington will receive its second reading. The final ordinance deals with a quit claim deed for an unopened street. It is up for a first reading.

Supervisor Frank Hart will give his report to council. Any committee reports will then be presented. An executive session is planned to discuss a legal matter and a personnel matter.

The public is invited to attend. The meeting will be streamed live on the Frank Hart Union County Supervisor Facebook page.

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