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County Council Meetings to Move Back to Courthouse

Daniel Prince

Council starts redistricting process, approves economic development ordinances at meeting

At Tuesday’s Union County Council meeting, council voted unanimously to donate the display cases currently being stored in the former Buffalo Mill office building to the Union County Historical Society for the Union County Museum to use. Council voted unanimously to help the Union County Soil and Water Conservation District pay for the repair on the Brown’s Creek Reservoir flood gate control. The quote provided by the district was $6750, and council voted to appropriate $3500 from the contingency fund to help toward the repair. Clerk of Court Melanie Lawson requested that a budgeted position be filled in her office, as one of her employees had retired. Council unanimously voted to authorize her to fill that position.

Council unanimously approved the meeting schedule for 2022. Starting with next month’s meeting, the location will shift from 103 West Main Street back to the Grand Jury Room at the Union County Courthouse, which is where the meetings had been held until the pandemic began. They will continue to be held on the second Tuesday of the month except where a conflict arises with a primary or general election date.

Council next voted to approve second reading of a fee-in-lieu-of-tax agreement for Project Vidar. They also approved second reading of the ordinance creating a joint county industrial and business park with Spartanburg County. They also unanimously approved first reading in title only of an ordinance redistricting County Council districts based on the 2020 Census results.

Prior to the meeting, Adam DeMars with the SC Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office addressed council on the redistricting process. He said the process has to be complete prior to the filing deadline, which is March 16. We’ll have more details from his presentation in tomorrow’s newscast.

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