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County Council Passes Final Reading of Airport Lease Ordinance

Daniel Prince

Council to provide matching funds for Renaissance Park

At Tuesday’s meeting of Union County Council, the council unanimously voted to provide matching funds for the Renaissance Community Park project in the Santuc community. The park is on the site of the former Carlisle-Santuc Elementary School. Last November, council approved matching funds for the project based on a Parks, Recreation, and Tourism grant for which the county applied. The county did not receive the grant and is trying again this year. Tourism Director Curtiss Hunter said that she, Kathy Jo Lancaster, and Bob Love have met with the Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Director and took him to the park to discuss the plans for the project, and she said she feels confident the county can get the grant this year. There is a 20% local match required, which can be through in-kind services, which is what the county is looking at providing. The total cost of the project is estimated at $125,000, and the county’s part would be $25,000. The park currently has 1 field and a picnic shelter. If the grant is awarded, plans for the park include paving the parking lot and a trail around the park.

Council passed third and final reading of an ordinance leasing airport property to FenixAir, allowing them to provide limited fixed base operator services at the airport, handle the sale of aviation fuel, and other matters. Fenix Air is looking to do commercial flying from the airport, and the increased usage of the airport is expected to help open up funding avenues for future projects at the airport.

Council passed first reading in title only of an ordinance providing for regulations governing development of land in unincorporated Union County. A draft copy of the ordinance as well as a draft of the land development regulations can be found on the county’s website at Click online forms and documents, and the drafts are at the bottom of the list. The proposed regulations will not affect existing buildings and land use, as those will be grandfathered in. It will only affect new development and land use.
Council also passed first reading on a multi-county industrial park agreement with Project Pluto. The park with be developed along with Spartanburg County.

Council passed first reading of an ordinance to expand the BMW multi-county park in Greer.

All of the votes were unanimous.

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