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County May Get Hit With Another Winter Storm

Daniel Prince

County could see an inch of snow, according to current forecast

For the third week in a row, a storm system could potentially bring with it some snow into our area. South Carolina will be at the southern end of the system that is expected to bring winter weather to much of the east coast this weekend. Meteorologists say that areas east of I-26 in the northern Upstate could see up to an inch or two of snow, depending on how long it takes the rain to transition this evening.

This morning’s forecast puts Union County into the impact zone, calling for a 30% chance for rain late this afternoon and a 50% chance of rain early in the evening. Snow could begin to mix in with the rain sometime after 8 p.m. or so, transitioning to all snow after 11 p.m. or so. Precipitation chances drop into the 30-40% range later in the evening. Still, the forecast calls for around a tenth of an inch of rain and just over an inch of snow in the area. We will watch the system closely as it approaches today and bring you the latest here on WBCU.

As with all winter storms, timing of the precipitation is everything. The more rain we receive from the system will mean the less moisture is available for snow, and if the transition comes later in the evening than forecast, then the impacts will be lessened. However, as the system passes, frigid air and gusty winds enter the area. Any moisture on the roads, whether rain or snow, will freeze as the temperature drops into the mid-20s overnight, potentially causing hazardous driving conditions Saturday morning. The temperature is not expected to get above freezing until Saturday afternoon, and the high will only be in the upper 30s, with gusty winds keeping the wind chill in the upper teens Saturday morning and in the upper 20s Saturday afternoon.

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