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County Receives Grant for Buffalo Mill Pond Improvements

Daniel Prince

Council approves matching funds for Goldville fire substation

Improvements are coming to the Buffalo Mill site, according to Interim Supervisor Bob Love. In his report to Union County Council Tuesday, he said the county has received its first significant grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. The county was included in the ARC as part of the infrastructure bill that Congress passed late last year. The grant totals $422,000 and will be combined with council’s previous commitment of local funding of $180,000, for a total project cost of $602,000. The money will be used to dredge the mill pond, upgrade the pedestrian bridge, relocate and resurface the walking trail, and add swings and tables to the area. Other work may be done if the budget allows.

Union County Council unanimously passed the tax levy for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. The levy is unchanged from last year, at 168.9 mills.

Council also unanimously voted on a second amendment to the fee-in-lieu-of-tax agreement with MycoWorks, Inc. The amendment deals with the agreement’s sponsor affiliate, known as CHRP Union SC Myco I, LLC. The sponsor affiliate and MycoWorks will have independent investment requirements under the agreement. The company, rather than the sponsor affiliate, will be the party responsible for job creation under the agreement. If either the company or the sponsor affiliate default on the agreement, it will not affect the other party’s standing regarding the agreement.

Council passed a third resolution for matching funds for a proposed fire substation serving the Goldville community outside Carlisle. The estimated cost of the substation is $555,000. The county is planning to submit a grant application for $500,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding through the Community Infrastructure Program. The grant requires at least a 10% local match. Council agreed to pay $55,000 plus any additional funds required to complete the project. The substation is expected to serve around 500 people.

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