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Couple With Children Shoplift From Rose's

Daniel Prince

Couple is accused of concealing children's clothes

Monday morning, Cpl. Malik Harris was dispatched to Rose’s on North Duncan Bypass for a shoplifting incident that had occurred Saturday evening. A white male and female and three children entered the store. The store manager showed Harris video footage of the couple selecting several articles of children’s clothing, taking the clothes off the hangers, and concealing them in a black bag in their cart. The manager said the couple paid for their clothes and towels but did not pay for the children’s clothing. The footage showed the couple leaving the store. The RFID tag detectors at the door went off, but an employee gave them a thumbs up, and they left. The manager said the couple has returned to the store since the incident, but they have not yet identified them. The manager said she wanted them placed on trespass notice once found.

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