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COVID Numbers Updated at School Board Meeting

Daniel Prince

On-site contract offers approved for January job fair

At Monday night’s school board meeting, Superintendent Joey Haney gave an update on the district’s COVID numbers for the month of October. Over the first three weeks of the month, there have been 9 confirmed staff cases and 62 confirmed student cases across the district. There have been 507 students in quarantine.

In other updates, Haney gave board members recognition criteria for teachers and students and asked for them to provide feedback. He said it’s important to recognize all their hard work. He said one good piece of feedback they received was to invite the child’s teacher when the student is recognized.

He noted the second annual district recruitment fair is scheduled for Saturday, January 29, at Jonesville Elementary-Middle School. Each school and department will be represented so they can share information on open positions. They will have rooms set up for on-site interviews, and Haney asked the board for permission to again offer on-site contracts for the right candidates. Haney said last year’s job fair resulted in eight or more contracts offered and signed. The board unanimously voted to allow the district to offer on-site contracts.

Haney gave shout-outs to the Union Rotary Club for the reading grants they offer. This year, each student at Monarch Elementary School will receive two books courtesy of the group. The group has helped Foster Park and Buffalo the previous two years. In all, the Rotary Club has supported literacy for more than 1600 students. Haney also thanked the Union chapter of the NAACP, who donated $2000 to the district’s elementary schools to use toward supplies and other needs.

Haney said the October Golden Buzz Award will be given out this week. He told the board that the September award went to Lori Roberts of Jonesville Elementary-Middle School.

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