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Danny Bright Formally Announces Run for County Council District 1

Daniel Prince

Bright's full announcement is on our Facebook page

Danny Bright has declared his candidacy for the Union County Council District 1 seat, currently held by Tracie Farr Campbell. Bright’s complete announcement can be found on our Facebook page. He opens by recognizing his family, saying they help keep him grounded and make him want to be a better Christian and a better person. He says he decided to run because of the decay in our country. He said he wants to do something and not sit back and wish someone else would do something. He said he feels the best way to start is here at home.

His professional experience includes two years managing an auto parts store in Union and Spartanburg in 1987 and 1988. He then worked at Torrington for the next 11-1/2 years as a CNC Operator and assisting in the Programming Department. He went to work for Bellsouth in downtown Charlotte in 1999 as a tester in the Overall Control Provisioning Center, overseeing the process of installing and turn up of large business customers. After 11 years there, he transferred to Greenville as a Special Services Installer, where he worked until 2 years ago, when he became an electronic technician with AT&T, maintaining all types of telecom and data equipment and managing equipment inventory.

In running, he says he is stepping outside his comfort zone by putting himself in the public eye. He says he is running because he wants to see a strong conservative voice on county council, and says he is as far right conservative as one can be. Though he faces Campbell in the election, he says he is running to serve the people of Union County, not because he is upset with anyone in office or is against them.

There is no primary opposition in the County Council District 1 race, so Bright will face Campbell in the November general election.

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