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Democratic Voters Select Wilson Over Ivey

Daniel Prince

Wilson wins 18 precincts, earns more than 75% of votes

Union County voters by a 3-1 margin selected Timika M. Wilson as the Democratic nominee for Union County Supervisor. Wilson defeated Ben Ivey in the Democratic primary, 1024-336, or 75.3% to 24.7%. Wilson won 18 of the county’s 21 precincts, with Ben Ivey capturing the most votes in Adamsburg, Lockhart, and West Springs.

WBCU News spoke with Timika Wilson after her win, and she thanked those who worked hard for her campaign, while calling for additional help and support heading toward the November race:

(audio below story)

Timika Wilson will go on to face Phillip Russell in the November general election for Union County Supervisor. Ivey will serve out his term as County Council District 4 representative, and his seat will be filled in January by either Annie Smith or Jennifer Wood, who will face each other in November.

Timika Wilson and Ben Ivey on the election results
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